Mincha  Minyan


During the winter months there are several CBD based minyanim for daily mincha  

service for the convenience for those working in the city and surrounds.


Shabbat Services


We also hold traditional Friday night and Saturday morning services at the Synagogue. Although on Saturday mornings

we always have a minyan, on Friday nights a minyan is not always guaranteed. No matter the numbers we always hold

a service.


Call Ups (Aliyot)


Should you wish to mark a special occasion in your family, honour a deceased or ailing family member,it is a

wonderful mitzvah to be called up to the Torah on a Sabbath morning or a Yom Tov service. To arrange a call up at the

East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, please contact the secretary at the office by phone or or email. We would be

honoured to have your attendance.




The Melbourne City Synagogue's Sukkah is open to the public each day of Sukkot. During Chol Hamoed,

city workers are invited to a bbq lunch in the Sukkah.




The annual Purim party for families is an event attracting both local and overseas guests.


Pesach Communal Seder


Families and visitors are invited to join in a beautiful fully-catered Seder on the first night of Pesach.




Annual Chanukah Barbecue in Parliament Gardens with the public lighting of the Menorah.




A Kiddush is held each Saturday at the conclusion of the Shabbat service, with food,  drink, and the Rebbitzens

hot cholent during the winter months. Members of the  congregation also provide Kiddushim to mark specia





Yizkor ñ Yahrzeit


Congregants who wish to commemorate the lives of members of their families who have passed away, may do so

through arranging that a yahrzeit be held or by adding their names to the memorial boards in the lobby of the

Synagogue.  Application to the Secretary, should be made at the Synagogue by phone or or email.